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We offer a range of services we are able to scale to any challenge.

Managed Coaching Services
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Team Development
Coaching For Everyone
Managed Coaching Services

From simply finding the right executive coach, to worldwide managed coaching services tailored to your needs

All you need to do is connect with us and help us fully understand your culture, requirements and goals.

After that you’re free to focus on other parts of your business, safe in the knowledge that world-class and highly passionate people are creating and managing bespoke coaching and development for your entire organisation.

Our expert team provide all your company needs for effective coaching and development including:

  • Choice of over 200 pre-assessed coaches and a coaching panel shortlist
  • Bespoke management process and policies
  • Full matching, management and tracking of coaching assignments
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Ongoing assessment of your coaching panel
  • Full administrative support

Executive Coaching

Powerful and enabling executive coaching from the world’s best coaches

If you are looking for transformational change then your search is over. Let us match you or one of your executives with one of over 200 Coachmatch coaches.

Our Executive Coaching programmes result in greater self-awareness, changed behaviours, improved stakeholder relationships and greater purpose.

Successors and high-potentials, directors leading major change, chair-people driving board effectiveness agendas…executives looking to improve levels of impact and presence…it’s your coaching programme and our coaches will support you to make that change.

Leadership Development

Transformative programmes that enable leaders to radically rethink their leadership

If you want your organisation to go places it needs powerful and authentic leadership. Our programmes make sure you have it.

Our inspirational Leadership Development programmes are completely bespoke but all result in greater confidence, greater performance and, ultimately, greater commercial success.

Learn more about our Leadership Development proposition by listening to this short video.

Angela Rutterford-Adams

Team Development

Unleashing and Realising the Power of Teams

Strong, focused and high performing teams are the lifeblood of your organization.

Our Team Development results in increased levels of clarity, collaboration and cooperation.

The options are limitless, and the design and content of your Team Development will be created to specifically meet your team’s needs.

Learn more about our Team Development proposition by listening to this short video.

Remi Baker


Putting quality coaching back into outplacement

Choices is a new and unique outplacement offer from Coachmatch; providing quality coaching, real choices, and powerful connections for executives during key career transitions.

Choices turns disconnection into connection in three ways:

  • Your coach – Every Choices coach is quality assured to our standards, giving you the same standard of match to a coach as we do on our executive programmes
  • Your future, your way – You and your coach create your future your way, working together to choose how best to invest your options budget which comes as standard with every Choices package
  • Your community – Choices connects you to the knowledge and experience of over 200 executive coaches, learning professionals, and expert consultants. Get tips and answers from the entire community for as long as you need

Learn more about our outplacement service by visiting the Choices website: choices.coachmatch.co.uk

Coaching For Everyone

Professional, Affordable Coaching for Everyone

Whatever your need, whatever your position in the company – we can provide a coach to support you.

Whether it’s coaching for performance, or coaching to support you better manage a specific working relationship – we will have the right coach for you.

It starts with a chat, a detailed briefing, then our carefully tailored short-list of coaches or options.

It ends with world-leading coaching sessions, greater success and, so we’ve repeatedly been told, a happier working life!

We have over 200 genuinely inspiring and successful coaches working with us at Coachmatch, so let’s find the right one for you.