Coachmatch is rebranding to Wondrous.

Our new website launches on 19th November. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.

We increase success and happiness for individuals, organisations and society

Organisations work with us to transform their people and culture

We have a world-class global network of coaches, consultants and facilitators

Why Coachmatch?

Our clients know that future success depends on their ability to continually transform their people and culture. They choose to work with us because that’s exactly what we do.

Our network comprises over 200 partners offering depth expertise in individual, team, leadership, and organisational development.

We are united by our shared values and a coaching philosophy: the minds that contain the problem, will contain the most powerful and effective solution.

What our clients get is different – a true partnership based on deep listening, true understanding and fearless honesty.

Working their coaching magic.

No other coaching has the quality of people. Coachmatch ensure that the right coach is matched, working their magic to understand what each colleague needs.

Delivering a mind-set change.

Working alongside us to design and deliver a leadership programme as a key strategic partner. Coachmatch challenge our thinking, are naturally collaborative, supportive and creative.

An exemplary service.

Enabled us to ensure that executive coaching is managed consistently and pro-actively across the organisation. Their knowledge and their market insight is second to none.