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Putting quality coaching back into outplacement

Choices is a unique outplacement offer from Coachmatch providing quality coaching, real choices, and powerful connections for executives during key career transitions. Choices turns disconnection into connection in three ways:

Your coach

Every Choices coach is a Coachmatch executive coach, quality assured to our standards. We give you the same standard of match to a coach as we do on our executive programmes, with a unique plus: if you would like to work with a coach you already know and trust, Choices makes this possible.

Your future, your way

With Choices, you and your coach create your future your way, without limiting you to a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Together, you will work with your coach to choose how best to invest your options budget which comes as standard with every Choices package.

Your community

Choices connects you to the knowledge and experience of over 270 executive coaches, learning professionals, and expert consultants based in 17 countries worldwide. Get one-on-one advice from our broad range of business, lifestyle and sector experts whose fields range from career change to head-hunters; from presenting yourself to starting a business; from financial services to oil and gas. Get tips and answers from the entire community for as long as you need.

    In my experience the service provided by Coachmatch has always been professional, constant, thought provoking, and at a time of huge uncertainty in my professional life, incredibly reassuring