We deliver transformational results through a variety of means depending on your needs

Executive Coaching

From simply finding the right executive coach, to worldwide managed coaching services

For many of our clients we have become their coaching centre of excellence, providing a fully outsourced managed service; for others we simply use our unprecedented knowledge of the coaching marketplace to find just the right coach for hard to find locations or unique development needs.

We have built a reputation of selecting and successfully matching coaches into client organisations, irrespective of the business, sector, seniority of leader, geography, or the unique needs at hand.

We support our clients in a number of ways:

  • Develop the behaviour and leadership skills needed for today and tomorrow
  • Deliver succession options up to main board through focused coaching for key talent and high potentials
  • Embed learning from executive development programmes in leadership presence and practice, transferring knowing to doing and being
  • Transform leadership impact, presence and self-awareness to shape culture
  • Accelerate the journey to peak performance for c-suite leaders and their teams

We can also support our clients to:

Create and manage a coaching panel which can include coaches you already work with

Develop the best coaching management process for your organisation

Keep your coaches up to date with your business priorities and agenda

Manage your coaching panel on an ongoing basis, including assessment of current coaches

Gain insight into your leadership challenges by providing deep feedback whilst respecting the confidentiality of coaching relationships

Professional and agile in finding quick, quality and pragmatic solutions, whilst being flexible and sensitive to the organisational culture